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Welcome Salons/

take your salon on a new journey in 2024 with BYYU.


A team of creatives, photographers, videographers, art directors, digital nerds and visionaries, with over 25 years experience in the professional salon & pro brand space on a global scale. We dream, build & create super cool shit with and for salons & brands.

Prepare to make 2024 your most phenomenal year yet as we invite you to embark on an inspiring project & journey with us.

Services we offer/

Sink your teeth into a project this year that not only excites you but also challenges you to reinvigorate your passion for hair, creativity, and collaboration. Picture us as the ultimate playground for artists and salons. Choose your next adventure that not only allows for seamless teamwork but also captivates your clients and social following, leaving them eagerly anticipating the final result. Make 2024 a year to remember, where innovation, enthusiasm, and artistic brilliance come together into a truly remarkable experience.

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Your salons own custom haircare brand/

This is a 12 month mission. While building your haircare brand from scratch, you will in essence be going into brand building university for the year, following the blueprint that took us the last decade to master, we're ready when you are. only 3 availabilities per year.

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