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A brand, by you.

We are an extremely specialised Agency dedicated to building intelligent, cool & sophisticated Customised Haircare Brands for
Pro-Hairdressers, Salons & Creators.

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New Journey

We build Custom Haircare Brands from concept to shelf.

Whether the brands are destined for salons, an online audience, retail shelves, or a combination of all 3. For over a decade we have worked on creating a robust blueprint & timeline that takes us from the first face to face meeting through to seeing your dream brand universe come alive.

To build a global level quality brand, you will require a minimum of 17 specialists. 

From specialised haircare chemists & fragrance artists, to packaging engineers, through to specialised packaging designers, to packaging & product manufacturers, digital marketers to beauty website designers and many other specialists in-between. 


Simply put, what makes the byYu agency (very) special?

You get access to all these specialists within one location.

What we build.

Why byYu?

Why byYu

Brand & concept brain-storming.
Customised brand identity build.
Custom product formula design.
Custom packaging design & engineering.
Custom fragrance story.
Brand campaign shoots.
Brand video campaign shoots.
Brand video education shoots.
Custom designed brand website & e-com.
Strategy to market build.
Multi-Manufacture logistics management.
Launch campaign program.
First year business & marketing strategy.
Post-launch mentoring program.


A 360-Degree Agency, from concept to shelf.

What we cover in your brand build.

How we build your brand

13 Steps.

The byYu Build Blueprint.

For over a decade, we have sharpened our approach to create the most fluid, relaxed and focused Custom Brand Building philosophy and approach. 


Each of the 13 brand building steps have been meticulously selected in the perfect order and flow. 


We couldn't hide our excitement for our industry's first turn key approach, so we built a complete mock up brand to walk you through each challenging and exciting step, from concept to shelf.  


Go Custom?

We could share the multitude of reasons why, instead we have asked current & past customers WHY they went custom.

Here are the top 3 answers we got.

1) "As a salon owner, I was sick of seeing the Professional Brands I sell in my salon, that are considered top-tier professional products available to purchase just about anywhere online or in other low-rated beauty stores. Pro-brands just don't have value anymore, so I built my own with byYu."

2) "It was the next natural step for us. With a successful salon brand and education offering, I needed the third side of the brand triangle. A brand that spoke our language unapologetically to truly elevate our brand to the consumer & industry. It was also such an incredible journey to go on, not just for me but for my team as they were heavily involved in testing, which they loved!"

3) "As a professional hairdresser & online creator, I've spent years developing my own online community, which brands pay a lot to access and share their products. It was time I built a brand that is ME, for them!"

Where to from here?

Take a new Journey.

Take the 13 step byYu Brand Build Journey.


The byYu team built an entire mock up brand so you can see the byYu brand building blue print LIVE in action.



Explore some awesome & fun previous projects.

Contact our team and get started discussing your project.


We are here for a complimentary zoom call to discuss any burning questions you have! We get it, this IS exciting.

Video Testimonials. 


See some cool feedback the Founder Daniel Mostyn & the byYu team have received from past legends (customers).

Natalie Anne. 
Founder of Natalie Anne Haircare.

"The level of execution and detail during my brand build with Daniel Mostyn, I have never seen before. I felt like I went to Brand University."

See the full video:

Sheree Knobel.
Founder BIXIE Salon.

"There are only 2 words that sum Daniel up, creative genius. He flips things upside down and shows you all new angles to approach challenges from."

See the full video:

David Mannah.
Founder of
The Journal Magazine, M. Division, Fame Team & AHFA.

"If you want to build an incredible brand for the pro or consumer market, Daniel Mostyn is your man, he is only person to align with."

See the full video:

Stevie English. 
Founder of Stevie English Hair.

"Daniel understands brand pop culture, better than anyone I know. He is a serious operator."

See the full video:

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