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take your salon on a new journey in 2024 with BYYU. Build your legacy custom haircare brand.


A team of creatives, photographers, videographers, art directors, digital nerds and visionaries, with over 25 years experience in the professional salon & pro brand space on a global scale. We dream, build & create super coolest haircare brands for the pro and consumer market
Prepare to make 2024 your most phenomenal year yet as we invite you to embark on an inspiring project & journey with us.


Natalie Anne 

Founder: Natalie Anne Haircare,
consultant & speaker.

Stevie English

Founder: stevie english hair,
product r&d: POD by ECOHEADS/Evo/O&M.

Sheree Knobel

Founder: BIXIE Salon,

Global Redken Ambassador. 

Are you ready to build a global level haircare brand?/ we are...

We have created a visual walk through experience for you to explore what it's like to build your custom haircare brand with the
We built a mock up brand from scratch and recorded every step of the build to create an immersive step by step journey, and yes... we called the mock up brand byYu!
Enjoy the journey below you may just go on with us, very soon. 


Step 1 of 13

Brand Discovery & Purpose.

The journey begins with a full-day of discovery at our Sydney head office, known as the lab. It's an intensive exploration of your dreams and brand purpose, which will be the driving force behind your successful build and the next 10 months.


We'll cover essential aspects like brand purpose, vision, personality, visual identity, packaging, competition analysis, target market, problem solving, product development, and fragrance story. The goal is to establish a clear brand vision, understand product needs & product pillars, target market, and create a brand they'll fall in love with. With these foundations in place, we're ready to move on to step 2: Product design and development.

Step 1

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Custom Product Formulation Design.

Now that we have established a clear brand vision and purpose in step 1, we can focus on the foundation of your brand... The development of your product formulas. With our extensive experience of over a decade and thousands of formulas later, we understand the intricacies of creating formulas that deliver exceptional results.


Whether you're aiming for a high-performing professional line or a direct-to-consumer, sustainability focused line, we have the expertise and access to the latest trends and technologies. We can provide a "starting point" for any product direction you envision, giving you a head start in product development. During this phase, we will cover working through & creating your custom product briefs, through to the arrival of your first set of custom product samples, accompanied with testing protocols and documentation. Additionally, we'll guide you on capturing your brands development story, which will serve as compelling content for your future target market.

Step 2

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Fragrance Development & Design.

During stage 2 of product formula design and development, you will also be building your fragrance story for your line. In stage 1, we will have already established the goal fragrances and created a scent brief, in this stage, you will receive the results of that brief.

Inside your byYu testing book, you will find a fragrance testing section that guides you on engaging your target market in the feedback and selection process. With a wide range of fragrance options available, this step is exciting, challenging & fulfilling.

In fragrance development, we will cover the selection of your fragrance story and help you incorporate the fragrances into your product samples for comprehensive testing of their performance when mixed with your formula and applied to the hair.

Step 3
pantone 1.png

Step 4 of 13

Brand ID Development.

Before we proceed, let's recap the steps we've taken so far:

In step 1, we established the identity and purpose of your brand in the world.

In step 2, we designed your custom formula product and range.

In step 3, we curated and selected your signature fragrance story.

Apart from performance and scent, do you know what helps us make decisions about your products and fragrances?

Your brand's identity.

Now, let's move on to step 4: Your brand identity.

During brand identity development, we will delve into your brand's mission, vision, purpose, values, personality, voice, logo design, typography, Pantone colour palette, imagery, and brand guidelines.

The desired outcome of step 4, Brand Identity Development, is the creation of a brand rule book. This rule book serves as our guide to unify the brand universe with utmost consistency, accuracy, and refined purpose.

Step 4

Step 5 of 13

Packaging Design & Development.

Following the brand identity build, we now move on to packaging design. Packaging serves as the vital link between your products and consumers, making it a crucial aspect that can make or break your brand. Essential elements of packaging include purpose, functionality, form, structure, materials, texture, sustainability, and brand projection.


With our brand build kit in hand, we approach packaging design with confidence and control, considering factors such as product performance, fragrance, brand identity, fonts, colorways, and packaging persona. There are two options to consider: custom packaging and stock packaging. In custom packaging, a unique mold is created from scratch specifically for your brand. On the other hand, stock packaging involves using molds that are shared among multiple brands supplied by the manufacturer.


Both are great options, in this step, we show you the creation of a custom mold. Our packaging design and development process encompass draft sketching, 3D drawings, 3D renders, mold engineering, custom mould creation, and pre-production samples for approval. The goal of this step is to design packaging that aligns with your brand's positioning and becomes an integral part of your overall brand experience.

Step 5

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Packaging Artwork & ID.

After finalising the packaging design, we move on to Step 6, preparing the artwork for your packaging. Packaging artwork includes everything that will be printed on your packaging, such as colours, logo positioning, product names, descriptions, education, sizing, ingredients location, company information, and barcoding setup. Our goal in this step is to create complete packaging artwork that is ready for application to the final pre-production samples. 

Step 6

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Brand Production Sign Off.

We have reached the halfway point of the brand build, and now it's time to prepare for production sign-off, a significant milestone in the process. During this stage, we will cover various aspects, including finalising product formulas, fragrance selection, pricing, stability testing, assigning SKU numbers to each product, approving packaging and artwork files, scheduling manufacturing timelines for both products and packaging, confirming logistics for shipping and filling, and determining the agreed-upon landed date for the finished products.


The goal of this step is to give the green light for production while we continue with the subsequent brand creative steps to follow. 

Step 7

Step 8 of 13

Brand Campaign Shoot.

In the next three steps, we will create compelling content to amplify your brands message and voice. It's time for you to design and execute the hair direction of your brand. First, we'll focus on the stills campaign, covering aspects like model selection, hair and makeup direction, styling, location, and shoot attitude. On the shoot day, the byYu team will manage logistics and execute the campaign with up to six models. Afterward, we'll handle post-production editing, image selection, and preparation for various platforms.


The Founder of byYu agency, Daniel Mostyn, will personally shoot your campaign, ensuring your brands artistic direction is met. The target results are a captivating brand campaign and ready-to-use assets for multiple locations.

Step 8

Step 9 of 13

Brand Video Campaign Shoot.

In Step 9, we focus on capturing captivating video campaigns and educational content for your brand. This involves pre-planning, shooting, and post-production processes. We will help you identify the products requiring education, help design the looks for the shoot, create a step-by-step script, and prepare a shot list. On the shoot day, we'll handle logistics, while you execute the education looks. Afterward, we'll have a post-production editing meeting and prepare video edits for various platforms.


Daniel Mostyn, the Founder of byYu agency, will personally shoot and ensure the brand's art direction is executed flawlessly. The target results are conceptually and visually engaging video campaigns and education materials ready for web and social media platforms. 

Step 9

Step 10 of 13

Brand Packaging Still Life Campaign.

In the final phase of building your brand's creative universe, we focus on creating stunning still life images of your exquisite packaging. Still life photography allows us to showcase your products without distractions, emphasising their features, colours, textures, and packaging details. This visual presentation effectively communicates the unique qualities of your products, leaving a lasting impact on potential customers.

We will plan the shoot, discuss mood boards and shot lists, and consider the positioning of the still life images for various platforms. On the shoot day, our team will manage logistics and execute the product lifestyle shoot. Afterwards, we'll have a post-production editing meeting, make selections, and prepare the images for print, web and social media.


Daniel Mostyn, the Founder of byYu agency, will personally shoot your still life campaign ensuring your brand's art direction is meticulously executed. The target results of this step are captivating product lifestyle images ready for multiple locations.

Step 10

Step 11 of 13

Brand Website & e-com Ready For Launch.

It's time to bring your brand universe together by building the core of your online presence, your website and e-commerce store. In this step, we will complete various tasks:

We'll begin by creating UI design mock-ups, which will showcase your brand assets in a cohesive and visually appealing digital layout. These designs will accurately reflect the goals and principles outlined in your brand guidelines book.

Next, we'll develop UX mock-ups, providing a wireframe roadmap that demonstrates how all the pages of your website flow together. This will ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers. 

Once the UI and UX designs are approved, our team of developers will get to work, crafting the initial draft of your website and online store. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the designs and user experience, helping us refine and improve the final product. 

We'll conduct thorough testing to ensure that everything functions smoothly and efficiently.

By completing this step, we will not only be one step closer to launching your brand but also aligning with the progress made in product timeline, packaging, and fragrance production. 

Step 11

Personalised business & operations plan. 

Robust & simple reporting structure template for you to manage your growth.

Personalised sales, marketing strategy & year one marketing calender.

Supplier management handbook ready for you to take over on handover.

Step 12 of 13

Your First Year Personalised Business & Marketing Plan Handover.

Preparing our clients for the market is a crucial step in our process, and it holds significant importance among the 13 steps. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary tools to launch your business and drive your brand's success in the first 12 months and beyond. We will work closely together, dedicating a full day to hand over the following key items.

Your official business plan, a comprehensive marketing plan and calendar for the first year, recommended platforms & software to support your business, a manufacturing handbook, and a reporting strategy. These resources will empower you with structured framework to guide your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities, ensuring you stay on the right track with your new brand.

Step 12

Step 13 of 13

Your New Custom Brand Handover. 

Congratulations on reaching the end of your custom haircare brand build! This marks the beginning of your exciting new business journey. In step 13, we bring the build to a close, having successfully developed a custom haircare brand that is ready to enter the market.

With your new brand & resources we handed you in step 12, you are well-equipped to embark on your new business venture confidently.


Game on.




For One Of A Kind Custom Brand Builds.

We prioritise and understand the significance of maintaining utmost transparency in our client's brand builds. 

Below, we have provided a detailed breakdown of each of these costs.

Pricing is broken down into 2 key payments. 

1) The Brand Build Cost - Which covers the 13 Steps to creating your dream brand universe.

2) The Production Cost - Covering all product, sampling, packaging, printing costs and shipping costs. 

Cost 1. The Brand Build

This cost covers your 13 step brand build cost with the byYu agency. Have you taken the 13 step Journey? If not click here to explore all the steps the completes with you during your brand build.

The price of our services is determined by various factors, including the size of the range, the level of research and development required for products and packaging, and the complexity involved. As an agency experienced in building our own brands and collaborating with businesses of all sizes, we recognise the significance of cash flow. For this reason, we have established a monthly payment structure that allows for smooth financial planning throughout the journey to avoid any unexpected surprises during the brand build process.

Timeline to build your custom brand: 12 months

Total:$80,000 + gst AUD. Depending on your brand needs.

Paid Monthly: $8k per month on a payment structure over your 10 month Build.

Cost 2. Production Costs

These costs are directly between you and the manufacture. 

We manage the transactions on your behalf, however we DO NOT add a cent to any product manufacturing to ensure you get the best margins possible for your products. We provide you with direct invoicing from all chosen labs, manufactures and packaging companies to showcase this. 

The price range below is specific to how large your range is and how large you go on your first production. During your opening consult we can help provide you with very clear figures for your first production run and potential costs per products vs your goal margin.

Total: From  $10k to $50k Depending on size of line, packaging and product type. Our lab partners offer extremely low MOQ for custom runs!

Comparison of building DIY vs using us!

If you DIY/use multiple suppliers and agencies, below is a fraction of the items, people & timelines you will have to manage yourself.

  1. First, you will need to locate the following operators to build your brand: 

    1. Beauty/Haircare brand ID specialists.

    2. Brand graphic designers.

    3. Beauty packaging specialists.

    4. Packaging engineer.

    5. Packaging illustrator.

    6. Product formulating chemist. 

    7. Fragrance artist.

    8. Local product manufactures.

    9. Bottle packaging manufactures. 

    10. Paper goods/card packaging manufactures. 

    11. Art Director/Creative Director. 

    12. Beauty photographer. 

    13. Packaging photographer. 

    14. Beauty Videographer. 

    15. Video editor. 

    16. Web & e-com beauty specialists. 

    17. Copywriter.​

  2. Once located, you will need to negotiate rates with each specialist. 

  3. You will then need to Manage 17+ timelines of each specialist, and ensure each specialist is keeping up with project timelines and ensuring each is aligned with YOUR brand vision.


The above is our WHY, our dream was to create a single destination for you the dreamer, the builder, the entrepreneur to come and build your vision. When the founder of byYu, Daniel Mostyn, built his first brand over 16 years ago, he quickly realised what a mind field it is trying to do it all your self. Navigating multiple hurdles to get to the end, this took over 3 years and at least 4 times the value presented above, our favourite saying is, we have already made every mistake you are about to make. 


By partnering with the byYu agency you will also have the peace of mind in knowing that all suggestions, feedback and guides are tailored especially for YOU to ensure your dream brand is built to a global level quality. Treat this as not only the build of your dream brand, but a huge educational journey, every step of the above 13 brand building steps will be completed together, giving you huge insight into the brand building process. Past clients have referred to this as a brand building university. 

Step 13
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