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Community through education

Elevate your salon network with our online education platform—a gateway to a deeper understanding of our brand, nurturing both technical expertise and artistic brand direction. Your 24/7 online academy is here to build unwavering confidence in your B2B interactions, empowering your brands online success. Highlight the talents within your network on a grand stage, where they can host their educational showcases, featuring your exceptional products. Seamlessly integrate your online portal into your salon's growth journey, and stay ahead with our NPD launches, all while creating evergreen marketing buzz from behind-the-scenes to launch day to new course drops.

The perks of your brands online academy / educaiton portal

6 compelling ways in which an online education platform can serve to enhance, support, and inspire your salon network:

1) A Captivating Conversion Point: Introducing an online education component to your acquisition model provides prospective salons with a gateway to delve deeper into your brand. It offers them the opportunity to comprehend your brand's intricacies on both a technical and artistic level, creating a more profound connection.

2) Unceasing Confidence Builder: For brands engaged in B2B interactions, your online academy acts as a perpetual support system. It functions 24/7, fostering confidence and competence among your network partners.


3) Showcasing Stellar Talent: Your online platform becomes the ideal stage to spotlight the exceptional talents and ambassadors within your network. Empower them to host their own educational sessions, putting your products at the forefront.

4) Integral Onboarding and Growth: When your curriculum is thoughtfully structured, the online education portal seamlessly integrates into the salon's onboarding process. It becomes a vital segment of their ongoing education journey with your brand, ensuring continuous growth.


5) Elevate New Product Launches: If you're planning an aggressive New Product Development (NPD) rollout, your online platform serves as the ultimate launchpad. It provides the perfect setting to introduce and educate on new product releases, engaging your audience effectively.


6) Evergreen Marketing Fuel: The launch of an education portal for your brand creates an everlasting topic for your marketing team to explore. From behind-the-scenes glimpses of academy construction to the grand launch itself, it becomes a dynamic source of brand and product awareness, fueling your marketing initiatives consistently.

By implementing these strategies, your online education platform can transform into a dynamic catalyst for growth, empowerment, and brand elevation within your salon network.


4 steps to execution

How we work with your brand in executing your online academey build & launch.


Step 1

Complete a full analysis of the following key stake holders needs: 

1) Education depertment 

2) Salon network 

3) NPD department 

4) Marketing department 

5) Art / Creative Diretor

It is key, before any move we understand the needs of each department and ensure the brand is aligned on what success looks liek for this project. 

this is compelted through a series of one on one meetings with each dep, then as a team as we wrap ready to move to plannign stage.


Step 2

At its core, this endeavor aims to shine a spotlight on every product SKU within each lineup, leaving no stone unturned. Our goal is to provide thorough and comprehensive education, ensuring that every hairdresser in your network possesses the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. We're committed to supporting your network's growth and success at every level.

Using all alinging points from step 1, we will build the pathway of a salon on your network. Imagine a path in front of one of your salons, what are each milestines of leanring, from basic prodyct knowledge to foundaiton thorugh to high level technical to inspore all levels of stylists & colourists.

Step 4
Review & handover/

Using the brand and message pillars created in step 1, our team will now compleet the first round of video editing ready for review by your team / brand key stake holders, before we finalise all content ready for distribution.

Asset hand over:

play (1).png
play (2).png

Complete 4k Branded educatin video final products.

Instrgam reel marketing edit for each full video edit for trade marketing purposes.

BTS High res stills showing step by steps, artists in action. final model looks campaigh shoot ready for trade marketing puporses.

fully liscenced, on brand music and editing styles to elevate your brand

Step 3

Complete the required series shooting:

Either working with your educators and or salon network artsists, we will execute the brand & educaiton videos. 

capturing artist intriducions, to video takes aways through to techniques covered. 

using our 25 years of top tier hairdresing knowekdge and know how of creating impactful and educaional cointen that lands, we will manage the artist on set to ensure all key talkkng points are covered during each educaiotn sesison.

Step 5/

note: this stage is optional.

Housing your brands new digital educational content is up to you! Weather you opt for a Youtube heom set up or on your brands B2B.

If you are looking for a more customised user journey for your salon network with a custom built platform for your brand, we can dicuss this as part of your project.

Let's discuss your brands educaiton project! 


Thank you! 

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