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100 guests get you ready for the biggest year you have ever had/

Imagine what you would learn about your Salon, team, service delivery, retail sales strategies and the journey you take your clients on,
if you just asked the right questions.


We designed the most impactful feedback system that produces a comprehensive and user-friendly report. It gathers precisely the information you require to gain profound insights into your salon, team, and overall customer experience. This serves as an ideal starting point for crafting and implementing new business and training strategies to enhance and boost your salon's financial performance.

What is it?

Our team of artists, psychologists, retail experts, and user experience designers have meticulously designed a 31-question feedback form, asking to having 100 clients offering their valuable insights to enhance every facet of your salon business.


How it works.

Unlock a treasure trove of 3,000 data points and invaluable feedback, poised to empower you with unwavering confidence as you chart your course for success in your 2024 business plan, training regimen, retail strategy, staffing blueprint, and, naturally, enhancing the guest experience journey.


get started.

1. Set up your online health check profile in under 60 seconds with your salon name and images of each of your team!


Step 1.

2. Invite 100 guests to your feedback survey. We have found that over 70% of guests WANT to help you grow and improve, so never be afraid to just ASK! You can let us know what "thank you" gift you would like to offer your guests and it will be automatically sent to them after they submit their salon experience form.

Step 2.

get started (1).png
get started (3).png

3. Your guests will invest just 6 minutes to provide feedback on their salon experience through 31 key questions spanning four crucial areas of your business:

  1. First Impressions, Appointment Booking, and Welcome.

  2. Communication and Consultation.

  3. Overall Service Evaluation.

  4. Retail and Home Maintenance/Education.


Imagine the wealth of knowledge you'll gain with 3,000 pieces of invaluable information from just 10 guests, guiding your most critical next steps!

Step 3.

get started.png

The report handover.

Here is what you recieve 7 days after your final guest has completed their feedback:

Step 4.


Our team compiles ALL your feedback into an easy to understand in-depth report.
Receive up to 3000 REAL pieces of advice & feedback from 100 of your clients, incredibly valuable information!

Your report then becomes the foundation for your 2024 business plan.
Clients get to be part of your success by providing crucial feedback to help you nail it.
Instant access to information and feedback that will alter the course of your salon for 2020.

Your report becomes key information to share with the team and set up new training that focuses on your feedback!

Ready to go deeper than you ever have?

For the cost of only 1-2 average services, get over 3000 peices of invaluable feedback to grow your salon for 2024!


for thousands opf peice of data & feedback 



= $1 per peice of feedback.

salon experience creation


Select payment method

Thanks for your order!

What happens next? 

Firstly thank you for being the BIG thinker & planner we know you must be taking these steps! 

1) With in 24 hours you will recieve a link to upload your team profile images. Basic mobile images are fine. this is so your guest can click on who they say in the salon.

3) With in 48 hours after receiving your images, your salon experience link will be live, we will share a text template you can customise to send to your 100 guests, everything else, WE MANAGE! 

4) With in 7 days after your last guest has completed your experience profile, you will receive your insanely in-depth report! 

What you will learn about your salon/

Click on each heading to understand your learnings of each of the 4 segments the 31 questions cover.


What you will learn in section 1 salon experience report:

  • Your client's experience of making an appointment with your salon. 

  • Feedback on your salon's phone & email communication. 

  • Advice on ways to improve your first impressions of the first touchpoints of communication. 

  • How the salon welcome was when your client entered your salon.

  • Feedback on the team welcome. 

  • Overall first impressions of your salon and advice on what they would like to see improved.


How your salon will improve from feedback given in section 1: 

  • How to make your salon booking protocol seamless. 

  • How to improve your salon's phone & email manner, script, and delivery.

  • Dramatically improve your salon's first impressions. 

  • Create team awareness of how important the welcome is.

  • Create a seamless first touch through to creating a five-star welcome. 

  • Know exactly what to train and practice in team meetings.


Training to set up in response to section 1 feedback & advice:

  • Based on your report feedback, roleplay new phone scripts with your team. 

  • Based on your report feedback, roleplay new email scripts with the team. 

  • Roleplay new techniques on welcoming customers to your salon. 

  • Once you feel you nail the new welcome and first impressions, document it into an exact procedure that occurs whenever any client calls, emails or walks into your salon.

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE, real and warm.

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