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Signature Product Kits

Are you ready to turn your salon's signature look into a product styling kit for your guests and online followers?

We created the "Signature Kit" series with the vision of empowering salons worldwide to turn their signataure look into a shoppable product kit for their clientelle.

Step 1

Design your signature look.

First, you'll meet with our team to discuss your salon's signature look and the steps it takes to create it.

Next, we discuss the 2 styling products needed to create your signature look. Once we have chosen the types of product needed, we can begin development.

What is the "signature kit"

Your signature look in a product kit.

Does your salon have a signature style that you love creating on your clients?

We partner with you and your team to design the two essential products needed for your clients to re-create your signature look at home! 

Your signature kit includes two tailor-made styling products packaged inside a beautifully designed box featuring your logo, your signature look shot campaign style, and a step-by-step image guide for your clients to follow and effortlessly re-create at home.

step 1

Step 2

It's time to test your 2 signature styling kit products!

After we have finalised your look and product choice, we will create samples of your two products for you and your team to test in salon. We will provide you with testing sheets for you to record your product feedback and map out any changes you would like to make.


Once you complete your product testing you can submit your feedback and any final product alterations before we move into production.

step 2
step 3

Step 3

Design your signature product kit packaging.

Once we have finalised your tailor-made products, it’s time to move onto the packaging design for your signature look kit. We will provide you with a range of packaging options allowing you to choose the one that best fits your preferences and the types of products we have created.

The 3 key tasks completed in step 3: 

1) Select your inner packaging.

2) Design your products labels.

3) Design your products outer box packaging.

Step 4

Your signature packaging photoshoot.

It’s time to capture the essence of your signature style…

Let’s shoot your campaign!

First, we create a mood & style board and confirm the art direction for your shoot, from makeup & styling direction to lighting feel and tone.


Next, we help you source the most suitable model to match the feel and budget of your shoot and book in our shoot day.


Shoot day! This is an extremely exciting day where we focus on capturing your step by step education images as well as your signature look campaign. The BYYU team will manage the logistics of the day so you and your team can focus on executing the perfect step by step guide education & final look. 

Please note: model, makeup & styling costs are not included in this offering and should be budgeted separately. Location of shoot can either be your salon space or our studio in Sydney. 


Step 5

Handover of your signature kit!

The build of your signature look kit is now complete!

We will deliver 50 complete signature look kits for you to sell and educate in salon, along with your kits you will also receive campaign imagery to display in-salon & digital campaign video and imagery files for you and your team to share across your social media platforms and salon website.

step 4
step 5

Investment to build your salons own signature product kit + campaign:


A recap of what you receive: 

1) 50 signature style product kits, each containing two tailor-made styling products.

2) Your salon's very own signature look campaign & video shoot. 

3) Printed posters of your product kit and campaign shoot to display in-salon.

4) Digital imagery & video files of your campaign to share on your website and social media platforms. 

The costs breakdown for full transparency: 

The initial cost outlay of $14,900 covers the following expenses for the 

- R&D sampling costs with the labs. 

- Creation of tailor-made product samples. 

- Creation of product labels, inner & outer packaging design.

- Photo & video production of your signature look.

- Photoshoot logistics & talent management. 

- Manufacturing & delivery of your 50 signature look kits. 

- Labor costs. 

Re-orderign your signature explore kit costs:

This is where the profit of your new signature kit comes in! 

1) Reordering your explore kit is extremely simple, simply let us know and we will manage the manufactuing & delivery of 50 more kits.

2) Reorders of 50 kits cost $3,000 

3) When sold in your salons at the recomomended $120, you will make $6000 in selling 50 kits. 

4) On all re-orders you will make a profit of $3,500. 

Dicuss your project booking.


Book your complimentary zoom call with the founder of byyu agency Daniel Mostyn to discuss your salons signature kit build.

We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you! The byYu team will be right with you.

What is the "signature kit"

Your signature look in a product kit.

We will use one of our most succesful Signature collabs as the ultimate exmaple.


Please refer to the image on the right

(or above if on mobile)

This is an exmaple of the 2 product signature styling kit we created for the BIXIE salon founded by Sheree Knobel.


The kit contained 2 products + campaign shoot + the step by steps for her clients and online followers to follow and re-create her signature look at home!

Ready to build your salons signature style kit?

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