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Welcome Brands/

How are you building relationships with salon customers in 2024?


A group of creatives with over 25 years experience in the professional salon & industry sspace on a global scale/ we build cool salons, period.

we love working with start up brands through to global disrupters. find your journey or reach out to build a custom needs project for your brand.

Your Brands Digital journey

How is your brand engaging online with salons in 2024? What is is about your brand that will erge the salon to take the next step with you?


Your Brands own online academy for your salon network/

Elevate your salon network with our online education platform—a gateway to a deeper understanding of our brand, nurturing both technical expertise and artistic brand direction. Your 24/7 online academy is here to build unwavering confidence in your B2B interactions, empowering your brands online success.

Brand campaign & educaiton shooting/

Conceptulising, through to executing your brands 2024 vision. we take the entire journey with you, take the time to understand your brands pillars, target market 


Brand Packaging & Rebrand/

Does your brand need to be puleld down and rebuilt, or just a dooe update, we will take your brand on a blue-print journey from concept, to purpsoe to stable, functioning shelf ready designs that will bring your brand to its next chapter.

Smart and meaningful gifts for your salon network/

Be the brand partner that stands out, that leaves a truly memorable impression on your salon cusomers business and lives.

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